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South Malling CE Primary

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Lewes Cooperative Learning Partnership

The Lewes Co-Operative Learning Partnership (LCLP) trust was established in 2015 in order to foster collaborative working between every school within the trust and offer many new opportunities for the children and young people of Lewes. The foundation schools of the trust are Priory Secondary School and Western Road Primary School and the partner schools are Iford & Kingston Primary School, South Malling Primary School and Southover Primary School. The trust works to support all Lewes schools to develop a shared vision, continuing to raise expectations and standards across the partnership, and make existing cooperation and associated school improvement strategies more sustainable. 

Through the trust’s partnership the ongoing work aims to:
• Improve opportunities for success for all pupils irrespective of personal circumstances, social background, race, gender, ability or beliefs;
• Provide high quality pastoral care for our pupils;
• Deliver responsive, relevant and engaging curricula; 
• Create learning communities where all citizens are equally valued and respected; 
• Learn from, and with, each other to improve on our previous best; 
• Provide more varied opportunities for pupils, staff and stakeholders; 
• Increase the effectiveness of parent and community involvement; 
• Develop mutually supportive networks and reduce isolation and duplication; 
• Enhance dialogue and understanding between different phases of education and so improve progression and continuity for pupils; 
• Prepare pupils for their lives as healthy, creative, skilled and aspirational citizens;
• Encourage pupils and adults to be outward looking and forward looking, embracing innovation, initiatives and new approaches.

Church Links

South Malling is a voluntary controlled school within the Diocese of Chichester.  

Being a church school makes us different from other schools and we hope that all the adults and children involved in the school notice this in a good way.  It underpins our vision and our values, informs the ethos of the school and some activities within the school. 

We have close links to Trinity Church, Lewes, who we collaborate with on religious assemblies and church visits throughout the year.

Diocese of Chichester

Trinity Church